Vegan Pozole
Vegan food has great taste but, if Mexican tastes better.
Birria / Barbacoa
Jalisco Style made, also known in Hamilton as Quesa Birria, The meat is heavily seasoned with chilies and spices then slow cooked until perfectly tender that it literally falls apart easily.
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Authentic Mexican street tacos
The traditional flour tortilla Mexican Burrito
The real Mexican Soup
Corn Tamale
Traditional Mexican recipe from Jalisco state
Lola's Food
Lola's Latin Food
Enjoy our Latin food products made with a lot of flavours and tradition.

About Us

Mexican Kitchen, is a family operated Mexican restaurant located at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.  At the Market, Mexican Kitchen shares a space with other restaurants within the “Real Food Court”. Mexican Kitchen is a proud representative of the  Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

Mexican Kitchen prides itself on achieving a menu that is a true representation of the food you can find in the streets of Mexico, a country known for its incredible hospitality and culinary wealth. By bringing a piece of Mexico to Hamilton, Mexican Kitchen has stood out for being one of the best places to eat in the city.

Paola believes that their food should always have a home-made feel and flavour. Paola’s personal touch is present in each one of our dishes. Our food is made to represent family, tradition, and Mexico.

Mexican Kitchen is our way of bringing a piece of Mexico to Canada, where our flavour and hospitality are always present in each and everyone of us.

You can read more about us in this link.

Mexican Kitchen Proudly presents Lola’s Food
Best Empanadas and #1 Tequeños
Latin Food